vExpert 2017

Yesterday evening the vExperts of 2017 were announced.

The vExpert program is designed to aid in your success and help amplify your internal and or external personal brands and channels. So whether you are a external evangelist or a internal champion we want to be sure you have the resources needed for the program so you can be more successful. The reward is given to those who in previous 12 months have shown themselves to be active in that advocacy. That doesn’t always mean that you need to be an active blogger or present at events, but it does mean that in your day to day role within the IT Industry you should be championing VMware as a company and break that down to champion VMware products that you use or sell.


I’m very proud to be a fourth year consecutive vExpert. Within KPN I’m trying to keep everyone up to date on all VMware is doing from an architectural perspective within our KPN SDDC and Cloud team, which combines a passion for teaching, laughter and a thirst for knowledge. It’s a confirmation, that combining blogging about my daily life and work and sharing my knowledge has proven to work. I’m very honored to have been selected as one of the few vExperts this year.

Thanks to Cory Romero and congrats to all the 2017 vExperts! Read the complete list here

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