VMworld 2016 – Partner & TAM day

Today VMworld kicked off with Partner and TAM day. Like every year VMworld is hosted in the Fira Conference Center in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Unlike last year I’m not visiting VMworld as a Blogger, but as part of the KPN team. This means I can attend VMworld as a Partner and visit Partnerday.

During the Partner General Session Pat Gelsinger took the stage to thank all partners for their efforts in the past year.

There where some pre-announcements, actually during the day there where a lot of sessions arround to-be announced info, so i’ll be careful what to post here, but I’ll give it a go (all will become clear in the coming posts). The sessions where divided into Technical and Business sessions. As my current role is a mix of both, i’ve attended some of both.

Building & Enabling a Hybrid Cloud with vCloud Director was all about vCloud Director, how it will function in your environment (and how it should function). Speaking from own experience, vCD can be quite a hassle implementing but should be much better now.

Route to Market vCloud network was a typical commercial session, surrounding the perspective of network in a hybrid environment, offering similar network solutions both on-prem as off-prem.

During lunch I caught up with some of my colleagues, as well ex-colleagues and other bloggers. The VMworld-crowd is more and more a  party of familiar faces. It was great to see some of them, and I will spot the others all during the rest of the week, I’m sure.

After the lunch there where 2 sessions regarding NSX: NSX Operations with vRealize Suite and The practical Path to NSX for partners. As KPN is a VCAN-partner these sessions are more of less a must follow for me. They had some great insights into how other partners and customers are working with NSX (did I mention KPN is hosting a session this week regarding our CloudNL solution, including these products?).

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