VMworld 2016 – Day 2

After the “DJ on Coffee” yesterday morning, Sanjay Poonen, General manager End User Computing, started his keynote as part of his Bluesband covering modern classics welcoming everyone to day 2 of VMworld. To my believe there where less people in the General Session, compared to yesterday (perhaps to much partying for some?)

Sanjay spoke about the digital transformation, and what it means to people arround us.

Every changes in our lives are going to be digital

As the world transforms more and more to a digital world, many of us have to adopt these new technologies. This will happen to us, generation XYZ, but more so to our childern.


Children will be using tablets and PC’s before they learn how to write.

I see it in my own environment at home, where my nephew of 4 is going at the tablet, as if he is born with it in his hands. These also means that more and more will the cloud become the new normal, where apps and content are available for any device, at any time or place. Simply because you are used to have it.

Sanjay spoke about Boxer, amongst several other apps. Boxer is VMware’s awnser to the overwhelming amount of content delivered by email these days. Using a clever algoritm, they devide the email into different sections and allows you to quick respond (by the press of a button).

After Sanjay, Ray O’Farrell, CTO VMware, took the stage, talking about the Challenges of the Digital Transformation, giving us a quick recap of the things Pat Gelsinger spoke about yesterday.

He introduced the new HTML5 client based on the VMware Fling. It looks incredible and is real fast

After Ray, Yanbing Li, senior vice president storage and availability, came on stage and explained more about the vSAN solution. It’s now fully integrated and embedded with in vSphere 6.5, offering intelligent automation, from day 0 to day 2 deployments.
It also fully supports Business critical applications and containers, with vSphere Intergrated Containers.

New in this version is de Direct node: 2-node deployment. This was allready possible with use of a thrid party witness-node, but is now fully supported by VMware. Another feature added is iSCSI support, making it possible to extend vSAN to external storage aswell.

She even spoke about applying storage policies to migrate data cross cloud and gave a little demo.

Rajiv Ramaswami, enterprise vice president networking and security, spoke about the implementation of NSX, inboth greenfield and brownfield environments and the new feature called Network Insight. This allows you to view traffic flows in real-time and quickly converting current flows to NSX-rules.

Last, Kit Colbert, senior vice president cloud native applications, spoke about Photon and VMware’s Cloud native app strategy. We briefly spoke latest year as he gave a session at KPN regarding this topic and again he shared some great insights.

With the latest version it will be possible to use Kubernetes-as-a-service, delivering a fully supported stack for containerdeployment by VMware. If you would like to learn more about the containerized part of VMware, please the blog of Jurgen Allewijn, over at www.mindmelt.nl

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