VMworld 2016 – Day 1

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Jean-Pierre Brulard (vice president EMEA) took the stand at the first keynote of the day, welcoming everyone to VMworld 2016. Over 10k attendees, from 96 countries covering more then 300 sessions, this VMworld is yet another big one.

The day officially started with the General Session of Pat Gelsinger (CEO VMware). He spoke about the road covered and how we, together, face forward. That is the true essence of VMworld.
Digital transformation is the top tech buzz word in 2016, because of the way companies are transforming their traditional way of working towards a digital way.

Or, is all business now not digital?

What is your strategy to win in a digital world?

He spoke about the way it has transformed business is the last 10 years from on-prem to cloud (both private and public). Analysts predict that 50% of all business will adopt cloud add the way to go by 2021 (30% SaaS, 16% IaaS) in a private (30%) or public (20%) matter. By 2030 50% of the it will be delivered by public cloud vendors.

He spoke about IoT and the future, which will drive current business more towards it as it expands from 4 billion devices now to 18 billion in 2021.

It’s not freedom versus control, but freedom and control. This is why we can it a hybrid cloud.

Pat also announced the new versions of vSphere and vSAN: 6.5. over a hundred new features have been added, as well as a modernized API, a simplified user interface, usable for bother scale up and out.

During VMworld US Pat spoke about VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cross Cloud Services and he elaborated a bit on both.

VMware Cloud Foundation is a complete-stack of compute (vSphere), network(NSX) and storage(vSAN) with automated lifecycle manager, delivering a on-prem cloud experience right out of your own datacenter.

Add vRealize and extend this to your public cloud of choice(including AWS, azure, GCP or IBM Cloud) and you have VMware Cross Cloud Services. Aft this point Pat introduced Guido Appenzeller (chief technology strategy officer).

This cross cloud services will include features as NSX as a service, deployment and migration of workloads and network insight delivering a single pane of glass on both network and services across all public cloud platforms.

The last announcement which was made was about the pre-VMworld announcement regarding AWS. VMware will fully deliver and support an Cloud Foundation on AWS. But more on that in a separate post.

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