VMworld 2015 Europe: This is my Schedule and why

Like many of you, I am also looking forward to attending VMworld this year. As this is my second VMworld I’m hoping it won’t undo some of the magic of the last one. I’ve not filled my schedule completely with sessions. Along with the General Sessions and parties, that’s already quite a lot! With parties planned from vRockstar, to Veeam’s famous Europe party or the VMworld closing party (rumored Faithless will perform), this has every potential to become an epic event as well as the last one.

This is just a quick post, listing the sessions I have booked for myself, in the hope that it might help someone who hasn’t chosen/finalised the sessions yet. For the last couple of years, my focus has been on SDDC (Software-Defined Datacenter) and Cloud technologies in general and that also reflected a bit in my session selections. I also added Container and vRealize solutions as I’m currently working on them .

So, without further ado, here is the list:

Monday, 12th of October 2015

  • NET6618-QT Why NSX within a SDDC?  A Customer Example
  • STO4650-QT Five Common Customer Use Cases for Virtual SAN
  • SDDC6406-QT Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: What is it?

Thuesday, 13th of October 2015

  • CTO6121 VMware and the ‘Internet-of-Things’
  • MGT5141 The Art of Elasticity – Building an in-house Auto-scaling SDDC
  • SDDC5273 VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: From vSAN to EVO:RAIL and EVO:RACK
  • INF6688-SPO Build, use and manage your hybrid cloud
  • SDDC5440 VMware Validated Designs – An Architecture for the SDDC

Wednesday, 14th of October 2015

  • MGT5973 Automate the Deployment of NSX and Micro-Segmentation: A Deep Dive
  • CTO6630 VMware CTO Panel
  • MGT6401-GD DevOps and Continuous Delivery with Thomas Corfmat
  • CNA5636 Microservices: Architecting Application Resilience and Scale

Thursday, 15th of October 2015

  • MGT5905 How VMware uses vRealize Suite to Manage Its Engineering Labs:  A Deep Dive
  • SEC5589 NSX Distributed Firewall Deep Dive
  • INF5306 DRS Advancements in vSphere 6, Advanced Concepts, and Future Directions
  • SDDC5027 VCDX Unwrapped – Everything You Wanted to Know About VCDX
  • INF5432 Infrastructure as Code – Ban Snowflake Deployments

If you’re new to VMworld, I would advise to keep some time for “Solutions Exchange”, “Hang Space”, Live chats and other things too. I will be blogging/tweeting from the event so it would be great to meet you (my Twitter handle is:@Mind_Judo). Don’t forget to say hi!

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