VMworld 2015 – Day 1 Recap

Day one started actually the night before. After I wrote the last post, I came across a rumour that Dell might acquire EMC, including its controlling share in VMware. Went to bed, thinking about the how and why of this, but decided to leave it, focus on my Pluralsight course and wait for a new day to come.12108848_981607338570198_4695918571030381345_n

In the morning I got some breakfast from the local coffee franchise near the metro to the venue, when I saw the news about the upcoming announcement. But more about that later…




Today was all about partners at VMworld, and since I am currently working for a partner, but because I’ve got the complimentary entrance ticket because of my blog, I could not attend any sessions. But there was more to do. I’ve done some hands on lab including Vsan, went to the hang spaces and talked to peers. 



Around 14:00 the merger was announced by EMC and Dell. Fun to see how twitter reacted on the news. VMware remains to be a independent brand, and Dell hitting up the storage market up hard. I didn’t see it coming after the acquisition of Compellent, but we’ll see what the future brings. Dell tends to destroy everything they buy, but hey, we’ll see. They’ll probably end up selling the higher valued VMware shares, making the acquisition of emc a 0 balanced one.images

Rumor is that Michael Dell will deliver a part of Wednesday’s keynote session.

Tonight is the vExpert Reception, and Pernixdata gathering, so I hope to see many of you there.

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