VMworld 2015 – Day 0 Recap

VMworld Barcelona started yesterday with an early rise and travels to Schiphol, Amsterdam. Gave the wife a kiss on the cheek and headed off to catch my flight to the city where VMware has it’s temporary headquarters this week, the warm city of Barcelona.VMW Ready for any

I really shouldn’t have to pack my body-warmer as the temperature was about 10 degrees in difference (being on the hotter side). Needless to say, I’ve sweated my ass off. I took a cab from the airport which dropped me right in front of my hotel. After the check-in I headed off to my hotel room, which turnedout not to be quite what I expected. After some adjustments to sooth my needs (I really needed a table and some power plugs to do some work), I went for my check-in at the conference venue.


I bought a Hola! BCN ticket to travel with the metro/train during the complete week (as it is the most quick and easiest ways of traveling in this city, and headed off to the Fira Europe location. On the train I met a fellow attendee, who works for VMware in India. We had a chat about how it is working for a vendor.  The train took us to right in front of the venue, but when we entered we where told to go in the other entrance. “It was just around the corner”. So, after a 30 minute walk, we found the right entrance and checked in. This went as smooth as a babies bottom. No long queues, plesant people, good stuff. And of course I got my conference bag, which including a refillable water bottle. Very handy in these temperatures. We walked around a bit and I must say: What a great venue. With it’s organic shapes and wide spread conference areas and lounges it has true become bigger then i’d expected.


After the check in we went back for our walk to the trains, only to find out a handy shuttle service had been set up to talk attendees back and fort to the trains. After a quick diner at Playa de Catalunya it was time for Day-0 party for vRockstars!


What better way than to meet up socially with fellow VMworlders from across Europe and beyond at the vRockstar kickoff gathering at the Hard Rock Cafe. This is a now yearly event organised by Marco Broeken, Patrick Redknap & team who put on a fantastic party. I’ve met up with fellow co-workers and even some old co-workers from IBM and Valid. What a small world it is!


A bit after 0.00 I went to sleep, to take some rest for the first day of conference tomorrow: Partnerday. As I’m going as a blogger, I will not be attending partner day, but I’ll tr y to keep you posted about all the news there is.

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