VMworld 2014 Announcements

VMworld is VMware’s annual conference dealing with all things virtual, software-defined, cloud and more. This article summarises the most important VMworld 2014 announcements and details on:

Anouncement of EVO:RAIL
For those who are not familiar with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure offerings: they typically combine compute, network and storage resources into a single unit of deployment. In the case of EVO:RAIL, this is a 2U/4-Node unit, where each node is an independent physical server within the 2U enclosure.

The partner list already containing some major hardware vendors like:


Each EVO:RAIL nodes have (at a minimum):

  • Two Intel E5-2620 v2 six-core CPUs
  • 192GB of memory
  • One SLC SATADOM or SAS HDD as the ESXi™ boot device
  • Three SAS 10K RPM 1.2TB HDD for the VMware Virtual SAN™ datastore
  • One 400GB MLC enterprise-grade SSD for read/write cache
  • One Virtual SAN-certified pass-through disk controller
  • Two 10GbE NIC ports (configured for either 10GBase-T or SFP+ connections)
  • One 1GbE IPMI port for remote (out-of-band) management

This will become a big competitor for vendors like Nutanix. More on EVO-trail you can find here

vSphere 6.0 Beta
I’ve testdriven vSphere 6 beta, but can give no details on features as the beta is under strict NDA. But some info about vSphere 6 is given, which you can find here

Virtual Volumes and VSAN 2.0 Beta
No details on features as the beta is under NDA although being a public beta.

Introduction of vRealize Suite

The vRealize Suite comes in two versions, advanced and enterprise, and includes the following products:

  • vCenter Operations Management Suite
  • vCloud Cloud Automation Center
  • IT Business Management Suite Standard (ITBM)
  • vCenter Log Insight

The vRealize Suite will be licensed per CPU. You can sign up for the private beta here

Introduction of vRealize Operations Insight (“vROI”)

The vRealize Operations Insight offering is an add-on for vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM). vSOM offers vSphere + vCops Standard, with the vRealize Operations Insight package you can add vCops Advanced & Log Insight to your infrastructure. vRealize Operations Insight is available on a per-processor perpetual license model (which includes unlimited virtual machines and underlying hardware), as an add-on solution to VMware vSphere with Operations Management

vCloud Air OnDemand

VMware vCloud Air is the new name for vCloud Hybrid Service. On top of the IAAS service, vCloud Air will also deliver DR services, desktop services and platform services. These services include:

  • DevOps as a service Database as a service with support for MS SQL Server and MySQL as a first step. Other database platforms will follow.
  • Object based storage VMware vCloud Air Object Storage (based on EMC ViPR technology) – Designed to offer extremely scalable, cost effective, and durable storage for unstructured data, VMware vCloud Air Object Storage will enable customers to easily scale to petabytes and only pay for what they use. VMware vCloud Air Object Storage will include lifecycle management, versioning and large object features that will simplify and reduce management overhead and for highly available hybrid application deployments.

Mobility services offered by vCloud Air are:

  • Enterprise Mobility Management – Offering an industry-leading platform for mobile device, application, email, browser and content management, AirWatch® by VMware solutions will be available this year on vCloud Air. AirWatch provides a simplified, efficient way to manage an organization’s mobile footprint across employee-owned, corporate-owned and shared devices from a centralized console.
  • Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) – Organizations will be able to scale their ability to build mobile applications and integrate them with corporate backend systems and third-party cloud services through mBaaS solutions on vCloud Air, offered by leading enterprise BaaS provider Kinvey, enterprise mobile platform, built.io, and Node.js community leader StrongLoop.
  • Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) – Developers will be able to create mobile applications on vCloud Air using mobile web application development tools from Sencha’s high-performance, HTML5 mobile application platform Sencha Touch Bundle and cross-platform application development capabilities, including Appcelerator Titanium or the extensible, integrated Appcelerator Platform.
  • Pivotal CF Mobile Services – Enterprise Platform as a Service leader Pivotal® is extending Pivotal CF on vCloud Air with mobile backend capabilities such as Push Notifications, API Gateway and Data Sync, all at enterprise standards of compliance and security.
  • Rapid Application Delivery – Customers can create, deploy, manage and change both mobile and web applications on vCloud Air with the high productivity application platform from OutSystems.

This all will be general available in 2015. Pay as you go and creditcard payment of VMware vCloud Air. Beta program starts August 25 and can be joined here!

vCloud Air for Government Services (FEDRAMP certified)
will roll out in US in September

AirWatch mobile device and application managment available on vCloud Air

VMware NSX for vSphere 6.1

At VMworld 2014, VMware, Inc. showcased the continued maturity of the industry’s most complete network virtualization platform for the software-defined data center with the launch of VMware NSX 6.1 and the general availability of more than a dozen partner solutions.

VMware NSX adoption is accelerating, driven by the platform’s ability to drive application provisioning times down from months to minutes, and to address fundamental issues with data center security architecture. VMware NSX 6.1 delivers security that is built directly into the data center infrastructure,and allows customers to insert advanced partner services to improve threat protection, reduce risk and help customers address their compliance requirements in the software-defined data center. VMware NSX 6.1 is not only changing the networking paradigm, but is advancing data center security in a way that was previously neither economically nor operationally feasible.

VMware is now an Open Compute Project Gold Level Member

VMware Partners With Docker, Pivotal And Google To Bring Container Support To Its Platform

Announcement of private beta of VMware integrated OpenStack (VIO)
OpenStack offers already integration with vCenter/ESX, NSX, vSphere Datastores and VSAN, using OpenStack Nova, Neutron, Cinder and Glance.

Project Fargo
faster, more compliant, lighter-weight containers on VMware’s SDDC platform

Announcement of Site Recovery Manager 5.8

The new release of vCenter Site Recovery Manager delivers next-generation disaster recovery capabilities for vSphere environments.  New capabilities include:

  •  5x the scale of protection – IT organizations can set up recovery plans scalable up to 5,000 virtual machines per vCenter Server using array-based replication to enable enterprise-level protection–five times larger than with previous limits.
  • Enhanced self-service – New integrations will offer customers self-service access to provision predefined disaster recovery protection tiers to new VMs via blueprints in vCloud Automation Center when using array-based replication.

Announcement of vSphere Data Protection 5.8

As most of you may already know, there are two editions of VDP: VDP, which is included with vSphere Essentials Plus Kit and higher editions, and VDP Advanced, which is purchased separately. vSphere Replication is included with vSphere Essentials Plus Kit and higher editions. This article highlights the most prominent new features and updates in VDP Advanced and vSphere Replication.

VDP Advanced

Perhaps the number one feature request we heard was supporting the backup and recovery of databases on SQL Server AlwaysOn and Failover Clusters. The other was Exchange DAG support. With vSphere Data Protection Advanced 5.8, you get both! The VDP Advanced agents for SQL Server and Exchange have been updated to support these high availability solutions including the ability to select a replica backup policy such as “prefer secondary” for SQL Server AlwaysOn or “prefer passive” for Exchange DAG.

VDP Advanced has further enhanced its replication capabilities to enable “Replicate and Restore Anywhere”. Replicated backup data can be re-replicated – either back to the source location or another location. Examples – Scenario 1: I back up data at Site A with VDP Advanced and replicate the backup data to VDP Advanced at Site B. If needed, I could replicate that backup data (again) from Site B to Site C. Scenario 2: If Site A were to sustain a disaster and the original VDP Advanced appliance is lost, I could deploy a new VDP Advanced appliance, “Recover replicated backups” from Site B, and restore data in Site A.

It is now possible to deploy external proxies with VDP Advanced enabling more efficient backups in remote locations where the VDP Advanced appliance does not have direct access to the storage on which protected VMs are running, e.g., a separate cluster or remote site. An external proxy also supports VMs with Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and EXT4 file systems.

Reporting has improved in VDP Advanced 5.8. If there is a task failure, detailed client log information can be viewed in the VDP Advanced UI and saved to a text file. In addition to information on backup jobs, replication jobs, and automated backup verification jobs, a list of unprotected clients, i.e., VMs not currently included in a backup job, is available. These reports can be exported to CSV files.

vSphere Replication

The primary new feature of vSphere Replication 5.8 is the integration of replication to a cloud provider such as VMware vCloud Air. When configuring vSphere Replication for a VM, the first step is selecting replication to a vCenter Server environment (on premise) or a cloud provider.

vCloud Suite 5.8


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