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VMworld 2015 – Day 2 Recap

Day two started with an early rise to attend the keynote during the general sessions. First up was Jean Pierre Brulard, who gave an overview of VMworld by the numbers. more then 10.000 attendees, 2.3k customers from 96 different countries. That is a huge crowd. As I where a VMUG leader back in the day,we […]

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VMworld 2015 – Day 1 Recap

Day one started actually the night before. After I wrote the last post, I came across a rumour that Dell might acquire EMC, including its controlling share in VMware. Went to bed, thinking about the how and why of this, but decided to leave it, focus on my Pluralsight course and wait for a new day […]

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VMworld 2015 – Day 0 Recap

VMworld Barcelona started yesterday with an early rise and travels to Schiphol, Amsterdam. Gave the wife a kiss on the cheek and headed off to catch my flight to the city where VMware has it’s temporary headquarters this week, the warm city of Barcelona. I really shouldn’t have to pack my body-warmer as the temperature […]

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VMworld 2015 Europe: This is my Schedule and why

Like many of you, I am also looking forward to attending VMworld this year. As this is my second VMworld I’m hoping it won’t undo some of the magic of the last one. I’ve not filled my schedule completely with sessions. Along with the General Sessions and parties, that’s already quite a lot! With parties […]

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Photon and Containers

A fairly new buzzword came to town last year: containers. But what are Containers? In its most basic sense, a container is a way to isolate and control applications and their dependencies, such as registry keys, application settings, and descriptors. Multiple containers can operate on the same virtualized operating system, but each container is logically segmented, and […]

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