Upcoming from VMware: Project Octopus

Last VMworld in Las Vegas, VMware announced some upcoming projects, like SocialCast for Enterprises, Project AppBlast and Project Octopus. In this blog I would like to digg into Project Octopus a bit.

As you all know, the Could is the next big thing, if not allready there. Cloud desktops and application hosting is becoming bigger and bigger. VMware announced it´s next step into Cloud computing. Project Octopus will enable users to access files from any device and share them with people both inside (other colleagues) and outside (vendors, customers, partners) their companies in a completely safe and secure way.

If this sounds a lot like Dropbox, you´re right, but then with a twist. What is the missing thing in Dropbox? Granted, they’re aimed at different markets – Dropbox hasn’t announced any enterprise products just yet – but from the peek VMware has provided so far Octopus looks like the same kind of seamless file backup. However, in this case IT departments will have control to apply access and security policies and, intelligently manage data that is old or out of date.

Project Octopus

Project Octopus promises to be super easy to deploy; it plugs in to your existing infrastructure and will come with a wide range of extensibility options that can integrate with your existing business applications. Also, Project Octopus will work with other products within the VMware End-User Computing portfolio including VMware Zimbra, VMware View, VMware Horizon and Project AppBlast.

See also the productpresentation by Sam Khavari at the VMworld 2011 booth.

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