NLVMUG UserCon 2015

Today is the day of the NLVMUG. After last year I’ve decided to slow down on the extra curricular activities and as a result, I didn’t participate in the leadership this year. Never the less it seems a huge success. So many kudos tot the team for arranging this years event. Already 750 people are here & we’re on our way to reach a 1000, one of the largest VMUG UserCon worldwide.


The opening keynote of Joe Baguley, CTO of VMware EMEA was interesting. He spoke about the choices in Hybrid cloud.

“All infrastructure and services are delivered as software and the control is entirely driven by software”

Next up was Geordy Korte, who spoke about Security within VMware components. In the past year I’ve met Geordy while I was working with a customer on NSX. We briefly spoke about security and I was happy to see him present these solutions.

After the break I attended the presentation of Viktor about vRA advanced service designer. Part of the vRealize suite this automates your complete virtual resources. It looks like scripting, but with a GUI.

(This post will be updated during the day)

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