My take on VMworld 2013

In a couple of weeks it is the 10th anniversary of VMworld, hosted in the beautiful Moscone Center in San Francisco. The event for VMware enthusiasts worldwide. The last time I was there it was a great event, in a ridiculous city. Places like Lefty O’Doul’s or the VMware Blockparty will forever be in my mind. It’s just one of those events which you will remember when you grow older.

To all who are going this year, I hope you have an amazing time as well. And those who saw the line up, know they will… Despite not going this year (perhaps to the Barcelona edition), I would like to share some of the great presentations given on this event.

BCO4872 – Operating and Architecting a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster based infrastructure
Ducan Epping (Principal architect VMware R&D) and Lee Dilworth will discus various approaches on Metro Clustered Storage. Which considerations should you keep in mind, what are the do’s and don’t. They will share some best practices on architecting these environments.


BCO5129 – Protection for All – vSphere Replication & SRM Technical Update
When I was with my last customer Replication of virtual machines came up using vSphere Replication, and I found myself a bit in the blind. I didn’t know much about it. Whether you have a collection of small sites managed by a single vCenter or two large sites managed by their own vCenters there is a solution for you.

(After consulting with some of my co-workers we got the job done, but I would definitely read more into it. )


BCO5362 – Veeam Backup & Replication v7 Deep Dive
I always love the products Veeam comes up with. After their debut in 2007 they have grown into one of the best B&R solution providers there is nowadays for virtual infrastructures. Their products are easy to install, easy to use and get the job done in the least amount of time. New in version 7 are enhanced backup and recovery for VMware vCloud Director, monitoring your backups directly from vSphere Web Client, rapid search and restore from Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint backups, and more.


EUC4764 – What’s New and Next for VMware Horizon View
Also made it’s debut in 2007 was VDI, nowadays known as VMware Horizon View. I’ve implemented the old versions a couple of this with some customers, but I was very impressed by the integration with Mirrage in the Horizon suite. To meet the demands of an increasingly mobile and dispersed workforce IT organizations are evolving and delivering new capabilities to connect and collaborate. Virtual work spaces deliver ubiquitous access to applications and data with increased security, availability and continuous compliance.


VAPP6268 – Building Google-like Infrastructure for the Enterprise
When Google and other leading cloud providers set out to design a next-generation datacenter, they threw away the playbook. They understood that if they relied upon traditional hardware-centric architectures, which demanded ever more powerful servers, networks and storage arrays, they would fail. Instead, these pioneers re-invented how scalable datacenters were built and managed. They embraced a highly distributed software model that was implemented on clusters of commodity hardware. Google took the bold step of converging compute and storage resources into a single tier, thus removing the complexity of a storage network. By integrating datacenter intelligence into software instead of hardware, and eliminating costly network infrastructure, Google and others have been able to realize both massive scale and rapid feature velocity. At the same time, they have achieved unheard of economics by eliminating the need to upgrade hardware simply to achieve greater performance, while still increasing overall reliability. These same technologies and datacenter architectures are now within reach of mainstream enterprises, brought to you by Nutanix. In February we’ve had a live demo at Valid about these techniques Nutanix uses, which was pretty interesting.


VCM5008 – vCenter Operations and the Quest for the Missing Metrics
This list wouldn’t  be complete if mr. Sloof wasn’t on it. The godfather of the #vMaffia teams up with Duco Jaspers to learn how to monitor the performance of your enterprise to diagnose and prevent problems using vCenter Operations. You will be given real life examples and a good insight how vCenter Operations is sued be different companies.



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