19.Oct.2016 VMworld 2016 – Day 2

After the “DJ on Coffee” yesterday morning, Sanjay Poonen, General manager End User Computing, started his keynote as part of his Bluesband covering modern classics welcoming everyone to day 2 of VMworld. To my believe there where less people in the General Session, compared to yesterday (perhaps to much partying for some?)

Sanjay spoke about the digital transformation, and what it means to people arround us.  

Every changes in our lives are going to be digital

As the world transforms more and more to a digital world, many of us have to adopt these new technologies. This will happen to us, generation XYZ, but more so to our childern. 

Children will be using tablets and PC’s before they learn how to write.

I see it in my own environment at home, where my nephew of 4 is going at the tablet, as if he is born with it in his hands. These also means that more and more will the cloud become the new normal, where apps and content are available for any device, at any time or place. Simply because you are used to have it.

Sanjay spoke about Boxer, amongst several other apps. Boxer is VMware’s awnser to the overwhelming amount of content delivered by email these days. Using a clever algoritm, they devide the email into different sections and allows you to quick respond (by the press of a button). 

After Sanjay, Ray O’Farrell, CTO VMware, took the stage, talking about the Challenges of the Digital Transformation, giving us a quick recap of the things Pat Gelsinger spoke about yesterday. 

He introduced the new HTML5 client based on the VMware Fling. It looks incredible and is real fast

After Ray, Yanbing Li, senior vice president storage and availability, came on stage and explained more about the vSAN solution. It’s now fully integrated and embedded with in vSphere 6.5, offering intelligent automation, from day 0 to day 2 deployments.
It also fully supports Business critical applications and containers, with vSphere Intergrated Containers. 

New in this version is de Direct node: 2-node deployment. This was allready possible with use of a thrid party witness-node, but is now fully supported by VMware. Another feature added is iSCSI support, making it possible to extend vSAN to external storage aswell.

She even spoke about applying storage policies to migrate data cross cloud and gave a little demo.

Rajiv Ramaswami, enterprise vice president networking and security, spoke about the implementation of NSX, inboth greenfield and brownfield environments and the new feature called Network Insight. This allows you to view traffic flows in real-time and quickly converting current flows to NSX-rules.  

Last, Kit Colbert, senior vice president cloud native applications, spoke about Photon and VMware’s Cloud native app strategy. We briefly spoke latest year as he gave a session at KPN regarding this topic and again he shared some great insights.

With the latest version it will be possible to use Kubernetes-as-a-service, delivering a fully supported stack for containerdeployment by VMware. If you would like to learn more about the containerized part of VMware, please the blog of Jurgen Allewijn, over at www.mindmelt.nl

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18.Oct.2016 VMworld 2016 – Day 1

Be_tomorrow starts now… 

Jean-Pierre Brulard (vice president EMEA) took the stand at the first keynote of the day, welcoming everyone to VMworld 2016. Over 10k attendees, from 96 countries covering more then 300 sessions, this VMworld is yet another big one. 

The day officially started with the General Session of Pat Gelsinger (CEO VMware). He spoke about the road covered and how we, together, face forward. That is the true essence of VMworld. 
Digital transformation is the top tech buzz word in 2016, because of the way companies are transforming their traditional way of working towards a digital way. 

Or, is all business now not digital?

What is your strategy to win in a digital world?

He spoke about the way it has transformed business is the last 10 years from on-prem to cloud (both private and public). Analysts predict that 50% of all business will adopt cloud add the way to go by 2021 (30% SaaS, 16% IaaS) in a private (30%) or public (20%) matter. By 2030 50% of the it will be delivered by public cloud vendors.

He spoke about IoT and the future, which will drive current business more towards it as it expands from 4 billion devices now to 18 billion in 2021.

It’s not freedom versus control, but freedom and control. This is why we can it a hybrid cloud.

Pat also announced the new versions of vSphere and vSAN: 6.5. over a hundred new features have been added, as well as a modernized API, a simplified user interface, usable for bother scale up and out.

During VMworld US Pat spoke about VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cross Cloud Services and he elaborated a bit on both.

VMware Cloud Foundation is a complete-stack of compute (vSphere), network(NSX) and storage(vSAN) with automated lifecycle manager, delivering a on-prem cloud experience right out of your own datacenter. 

Add vRealize and extend this to your public cloud of choice(including AWS, azure, GCP or IBM Cloud) and you have VMware Cross Cloud Services. Aft this point Pat introduced Guido Appenzeller (chief technology strategy officer).

This cross cloud services will include features as NSX as a service, deployment and migration of workloads and network insight delivering a single pane of glass on both network and services across all public cloud platforms.

The last announcement which was made was about the pre-VMworld announcement regarding AWS. VMware will fully deliver and support an Cloud Foundation on AWS. But more on that in a separate post.

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17.Oct.2016 VMworld 2016 – Partner & TAM day

Today VMworld kicked off with Partner and TAM day. Like every year VMworld is hosted in the Fira Conference Center in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Unlike last year I’m not visiting VMworld as a Blogger, but as part of the KPN team. This means I can attend VMworld as a Partner and visit Partnerday.

During the Partner General Session Pat Gelsinger took the stage to thank all partners for their efforts in the past year.

There where some pre-announcements, actually during the day there where a lot of sessions arround to-be announced info, so i’ll be careful what to post here, but I’ll give it a go (all will become clear in the coming posts). The sessions where divided into Technical and Business sessions. As my current role is a mix of both, i’ve attended some of both.

Building & Enabling a Hybrid Cloud with vCloud Director was all about vCloud Director, how it will function in your environment (and how it should function). Speaking from own experience, vCD can be quite a hassle implementing but should be much better now.

Route to Market vCloud network was a typical commercial session, surrounding the perspective of network in a hybrid environment, offering similar network solutions both on-prem as off-prem.

During lunch I caught up with some of my colleagues, as well ex-colleagues and other bloggers. The VMworld-crowd is more and more a  party of familiar faces. It was great to see some of them, and I will spot the others all during the rest of the week, I’m sure.

After the lunch there where 2 sessions regarding NSX: NSX Operations with vRealize Suite and The practical Path to NSX for partners. As KPN is a VCAN-partner these sessions are more of less a must follow for me. They had some great insights into how other partners and customers are working with NSX (did I mention KPN is hosting a session this week regarding our CloudNL solution, including these products?).

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12.Oct.2016 VMworld 2016: This is my Schedule

Like many of you, I am also looking forward to attending VMworld this year. As I did last year I’ve not filled my schedule completely with sessions. Back to back sessions are difficult to attend because of attention span, so I’d had to make some choices.

This is just a quick post, listing the sessions I have booked for myself, in the hope that it might help someone who hasn’t chosen/finalized their sessions yet. For the last couple of years, my focus has been on SDDC (Software-Defined Datacenter) and Cloud technologies in general and that also reflected a bit in my session selections.

In the evening there are many vendor sponsored parties, including the famous vRockstar at the HardRock Cafe, The Veeam party in Octa and the VMware Benelux Village party of which my employer KPN is Diamond Sponsor.

A complete list of the parties can be found at the vbrain.info site

So, without further ado, here is the list:

Monday, 17th of October 2016

  • Building & Enabling a Hybrid Cloud with vCloud Director – a Perspective for Service Providers
  • Route To Market Session – vCloud Network Service Provider Partners
  • How to Respond to the "Bring Your Own Data Center" Trend
  • NSX Operations with vRealize Suite
  • Business Value of Data Center Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud Extensibility
  • The Practical Path to NSX for Partners

Tuesday, 18th of October 2016

  • Build True Hybrid Clouds: See How Service Providers Can Use NSX to Extend Customer On-Premises Data Centers
  • The Power Hour: Deep Dive, DevOps, and New Features of PowerCLI (by Luc Dekens and Alan Renouff)
  • Innovations from Cloudera and VMware for Virtualizing Hadoop
  • Run a Hybrid Application Across VMware and Google Cloud Platform (by Martijn Baecke and Jay Marshall)
  • Seamless Security and Compliance in a Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Wednesday, 19th of October 2016

  • How to Set Up a Multicloud IT Portal to Deploy, Manage, and Control Applications on Private and Public Clouds such as AWS and Azure
  • Designing a Data Center in the Cloud: A vCloud Air Perspective
  • vSphere 6.x Host Resource Deep Dive (Frank Denneman and Niels Hagoort
  • An IT Architect’s Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center
  • VMware and KPN building a Hybrid Cloud
  • Deploying a Validated Automated VMware Hybrid Cloud

Thursday, 20th of October 2016

  • Disaster Recovery in the Cloud with VMware vCloud Availability
  • VMware Chief Technology Officer Panel – Trends and Futures (Joe Baguley, Shawn Bass,Ray O’Farrell,Paul Strong)
  • Reference Design for SDDC with NSX and vSphere: Part 1
  • Reference Design for SDDC with NSX and vSphere: Part 2
  • Introducing VMware Cloud Foundation

If you’re new to VMworld, I would advise to keep some time for “Solutions Exchange”, “Hang Space”, Live chats and other things too. I will be blogging/tweeting from the event so it would be great to meet you (my Twitter handle is:@Mind_Judo). Don’t forget to say hi!

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26.May.2016 AWS Summit 2016 – The Netherlands

Afgelopen dinsdag waren we vertegenwoordigd met een groot KPN-team op de Summit van AWS in Nieuwegein. Het was voor mij de tweede Amazon Summit dit jaar, maar met ruim 1400 bezoekers deze was weer totaal anders dan de summit van afgelopen Maart. Het begon zoals altijd met een indrukwekkende keynote door Werner Vogels waarin hij sprak over de ontwikkeling van AWS en de vele features die zij bijna wekelijks uitbrengen.


Leuk om te zien (en stiekem toch een beetje trots) dat een Nederlander CTO is bij zo’n global company. Zoals ik al eerder gezien had van Werner weet hij werkelijk waarover hij praat en heeft hij een interessante visie op Cloud en de ontwikkeling van AWS.


Een van de testimonials tijdens de keynote was van Blendle. Jean Mertz (CTO Blendle) sprak over de uitdagingen die zij meemaken in de ontwikkeling van hun product. In Nederland is Blendle redelijk bekend als de pay-per-article digitale krant. Momenteel groeien ze enorm in het buitenland, met name in Duitsland en Amerika. Elke dag zenden zij een nieuwsbrief uit met het meest interessante nieuws voor jou. Ze doen dit voordat je naar je werk gaat, dus er moet een grote load verzonden worden in een vrij korte tijd (800.000 emails onder 2 uur).  O.a. hiervoor maken ze gebruik van technieken van AWS.


Gedurende de dag waren er diverse breakout sessies over Microservices on AWS, Serverless Architecture (functie georiënteerd) en Customer Testimonials. De een was beter dan de ander, maar wel goed om te zien hoe het in de praktijk werkt.


De marketplace stond vol met vendoren en partners van AWS. Van Rackspace (de levering van Managed Diensten) tot CloudMasters (levering van architectuur op AWS). Op de Marketplace sprak ik met AWS gebruikers, andere partners en degenen die partners zouden willen worden. De gesprekken gingen over cloud architecturen en optimale operationele modellen, maar ook de ontwikkelingen van AWS en concurenten. De duidelijke focus onderwerpen voor bijna alle bedrijven: veiligheid, automatisering en managed services.


Een bijzonder hoogtepunt voor ons was het interview door Werner van KPN CFO Jan Kees de Jager over de KPN partnership met AWS, Innovatie, IoT en Cloud. Goed om te zien dat KPN hierin een presence had en onze visie op de Cloud en Digitale Transformatie binnen KPN en andere bedrijven.


In de Closing Notes sprak Werner over de rollen binnen de veranderende techniek en hoe wij hieraan kunnen bijdragen, als KPN, maar zeker als individu.

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